When Does Rock Asphalt?
March 16, 2023

People should be very familiar with asphalt, because both urban and rural roads are basically paved with asphalt, and the most common damage phenomenon of asphalt pavement is flow deformation, which is not only in our country, but also in the world is a relatively common phenomenon. Most of the reasons for this damage phenomenon are caused by rutting, and through various engineering practices, it has been found that adding rock asphalt to modified asphalt can improve this phenomenon.


If rock asphalt is added to the modified asphalt, the high temperature stability of the asphalt pavement will be greatly improved, and it can well solve the problem of road surface rutting, early disease and other damage caused by a large amount of traffic and overloading on the high-grade asphalt pavement phenomenon.
People may not know much about rock asphalt. Rock asphalt is actually a product of petroleum after a long period of deposition and changes, and then under the combined effects of heat, pressure, oxidation and bacteria. This kind of asphalt-like substance The physical properties are similar to coal.