What environmental pollution problems will occur in asphalt mixing plants?
March 10, 2023
1. noise pollution.
The noise of the asphalt mixing plant is harmful to people's daily life in the absence of house construction or road greening. Therefore, it is also necessary to deal with noise pollution. There should be a lot of road greening around the cement mixing plant to block the transmission of noise and make it gradually weaken.
2. pollute the sewage environment.

An asphalt mixing plant has to go through many processes in the process of producing concrete, such as concrete, sand, etc. These materials are generally exposed to the outside immediately. If there is a heavy rain, a large amount of rainfall will wash the road surface, resulting in water-containing concrete and mud. Sandy sewage, if this kind of sewage cannot be properly treated, will pollute the surrounding water resources and the natural environment of people's basic necessities of life. In fact, a sewage collection tank can be built in the concrete mixing plant, which can be used for production and manufacturing after sedimentation, which can save resources and maintain the natural environment.


3. the problem of smoke and dust environmental pollution.
The production of asphalt mixing plants causes soot environmental pollution, which is mainly caused by sand and gravel transportation and loading vehicles and wind piles; there are also underwater concrete, coal ash, slag powder, etc. Its drying test powdery preservatives, etc. or various smoke and dust caused by the movement of the tank granular material on the tank top caused by the dumping of the granular material tank; various granular materials are weighed and then stirred to generate a large amount of smoke and dust. Since the pollution of soot to the natural environment is more visualized, a closed automatic ash discharge device can be selected.
With the continuous development of society, people's concept of environmental protection is gradually improving. Asphalt mixing plants should also pay attention to environmental protection during the development, vigorously respond to the call of the country, and do a good job in environmental protection.