Synchronous Chip Sealer
Asphalt spraying medium: base asphalt, emulsified asphalt, modified asphalt, modified emulsified asphalt, rubber asphalt (spray temperature 190℃).​High cohesive performance, automatic computer control, conduction oil heating, great stability and safety​.

Spreading Width: 200—3800mm

Asphalt Spray Rate: 0.2—3.0kg/m2

Tank Volume: 6000L/8000 L

Stone Spreading Diameter:3-25mm

Volume of Stone Silo: 10-12m3


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Synchronous chip sealer is a type of road maintenance machine primarily used for chip sealing of road surface, bridge waterproof and lower seal coat. It can perform asphalt binder spraying, fiber and aggregate spreading operations synchronously, which enables binders, fibers and aggregates to come into full contact with each other.

The hydraulic system of the entire vehicle is driven by PTO, bitumen spraying and chip spraying are controlled by electrical and air control systems, the flow of bitumen is controlled by bitumen pumps and bitumen valves, and sprays behind the vehicle. Gravel is spread evenly on the road through the hopper inlet roll.

The two systems are controlled by the master computer to accurately calculate the various data of the construction operation and control the gravel paving and asphalt paving to realize the combination.

SINOSUN provides variety of chip sealers with different bin volume and spray width.Chip sealers all adopt components and own proprietary technology, and their practice has proven that the machines boast steady and reliable performance.