Maintenance requirements of asphalt pavement in different seasons
March 24, 2022
1. Spring: The temperature shrinkage cracks and other cracks on the asphalt pavement should be filled and sealed, and the low-temperature spring rain period maintenance materials and spring melting and slurrying prevention equipment should be used to quickly repair pits, looseness, and slurrying.

2. Summer: The temperature is high, which is a favorable season for the construction of asphalt pavement maintenance projects. It is necessary to seize the high temperature period to deal with oil flooding, eradicate sacks and waves, timely repair the damage temporarily repaired during the winter cold spring rainy period, and restore the quality of the road surface.


3. Autumn: The climate gradually cools down, the southeast coastal area is hit by typhoon storms, and the northeast and northwest areas will be affected by the cold air activity in the north. Asphalt pavement repairs must pay close attention to the weather forecast, and complete the planned projects listed in the annual maintenance project as soon as possible. Preventive maintenance and repair of winter diseases, such as crack potting repair, frost heaving and brittle prevention, timely repair of pits.
4. Winter: Continue to do a good job in the prevention and control of winter diseases, and do a good job in snow prevention, ice prevention, anti-skid, dredging and rescue, and road maintenance materials.

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