Asphalt Distributor Truck
Sinosun automatic asphalt distributor is a kind of intelligent hi-tech product specialized in spraying emulsified bitumen, diluted asphalt, modified bitumen, hot asphalt, heavy-duty asphalt, rubberized asphalt, high viscous modified asphalt and so on. Its reasonable designs guarantee the asphalt spray uniformity. It has been improved and perfected continuously and can adapt to any kind of working conditions.


Asphalt Tank Volume: 4,000L ~ 12,000L

Spray Width: 4,500mm ~ 6,000mm

Overall Performance: High spray consistency, asphalt runs smoothly, auxiliary working hours shortened largely, energy-saving


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We provide variety of asphalt distributor trucks with different asphalt tank volume and spray width. They all adopt world-renowned brand components and own proprietary technology, The practice has proven that the machine has steady and reliable performance.

Working Advantages

1.It adopts Euro V HOWO chassis, which has advantages of large bearing capacity, high power, low fuel consumption and emission, easy operation and reliable breaking

2.Equipped with 26KW auxiliary engine, to realize the heating when walking, shorten work time , improve the work efficiency.

3.It adopted fully automated control,automatic control asphalt spray width, can accurately calculate the spray volume when working;

4. It adopts special asphalt valve group structure,reduces labor intensity.

5.The tank adopts imported diesel burner, high combustion efficiency and high heating efficiency, automatic ignition and automatic temperature control system, operation security and stability.

6.It adopts high processing precision of nozzle, to realize each nozzle spray consistency and efficiency.

7.Asphalt pump adopts domestic brand internal gearing pump,high output ,stable flow rate, good seal performance and compacted structure.

8.It can spray hot (modified) asphalt, diluted asphalt, emulsified asphalt, etc.

9.Spray bar can be folded and the height can be adjusted.

10.Humanized design of control system could not only control remotely, but also operate on site, which makes the operation more convenient

11.With much engineering construction experience, we improve the equipment to make it more reliable in performance and more convenient in operation and maintenance.