With over 24 years,Sinoroader is your source for a full range of asphalt idstributors.We provide the highest quality equipment,solutions for your operations, and over 24 years of experience. Sinoroader believes this level of support, based in China, will be beneficial to your operations.




“Why Choose Sinoroader”

Sinoroader has been an expert in pavement maintenance equitment for more than 24 years,and work with customers throughout the world.The company's success continues to grow through hands-on knowledge of the industry and it's products,and the company's dedication to customer support.

Sinoroader is top brand manufacturer and exporter road machinery in China. Our enginner team has 24 years experiences focused on road maintenance technology.and our brand footpaints travel across 66 countries. Sinoroader is committed to offering high quality,reliable products and service on time.Your satisfaction is our commitment.Let us be trusted partner.